Monday, August 31, 2009

New Arrival

Guess what came to our house this morning?

My kids love school. I'm pretty sure it is not all about the learning for them but it wasn't for me either. They love being with their friends. Kassidy tried to go to sleep yesterday at 7:30 just so today would come faster. I remember those days too. Last night my hubby gave all the kids a father's blessing to start the new year. It should be a great year. I'm grateful for the Priesthood that he holds and that my sons now hold also. He is a great example to them and to me. After each blessing the child would give Doug a hug and then me. With teenage boys that just doesn't happen in our house very often. Recently I heard someone say hug your children until they let go. I tried that with my oldest once and he said "Ok, mom enough." I try and give them their space but I want them to know I love them too.

Last night we talked about shower times and wake up times. I shouldn't have worried about it a lot...they all got up plenty early. Jordan had to leave first. He has early moring seminary this year so he is gone around 6:20. Mason leaves next around 6:40. He tried out and was asked to be in the Jazz Band at the high school. They meet for zero hour.

Colten and Kassidy leave around 8am. They are the ones that actually get to ride the bus. Doug & I are the bus for the older two. Colten was awake at 6 this morning so he had a long time to do this...I think he was showered and ready by 6:15. When I came home from exercising Kassidy was bouncy and ready. The bus could not come soon enough for her.

The time finally came and they were off.

Kelsie had to wait until 12:15 to go to school. She bounced out of bed at 8:15 and laid on the couch and this is the conversation that we had.

Her: I'm still tired mom.

Me: Then go back to bed, you still have 3 hours till you have to get ready

Her: But I'm so excited I can't sleep!

She was thrilled to go. Other parents were starting to tear up so I left so that she would continue to stay brave. This is how I left her. She is in the black & white polka dots with the pink bow in the front. (She picked it out all by herself) It's going to be a great year for her!

So this is what's left at the house. Just waiting at the top of the stairs until the "fun ones" come home. It is a good day!

Friday, August 28, 2009


For years we didn't have nice kids beds. A few years ago we broke down and bought some twin beds that were not bunk beds. They were very excited. Now my girls don't seem to want to sleep in their beds. They have made beds in the closet and just recently I went to check on them and this is what I found. Kass says it is "way more comfortable" to sleep in the crack then on the mattress. Go figure! We should have saved that money.

New Toys

The playground right by our house underwent a reconstruction. It was fun to watch the change during swimming lessons. We came back from our vacation and it was DONE! We were all very excited and had to go and check it out. Most of my kids loved it. It wasn't the same for my 16 year old as it was for the 5 year old. Oh, how the time flies. We took Shadow so at least he had something to do.
We call this the "spin and try to hold down your lunch". You can lay or stand or whatever while the circle spins around. It becomes more of a challenge the more kids on it. I was reading a book right by this and was dizzy just sitting. This is the skateboard practice area. It is NOT as easy as it looks. Trust me. You can ride this U shape thingy while you hold on. The kids loved it.
You can walk up this to get to a ropes course thing. They liked it too.

All in all it was a fun night at the park.