Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 2010 (so far)

August took us to Wyoming. My sister, Dana watched the girls while I was Doug's VP of equipment. It was quite an adventure with too many pictures to share here. You can find them by clicking here and here. (for those of your already on've seen them)

August also brings us to my favorite time of year!!! I love school supply season. I love to get 10 cent notebooks and brand new crayons for a quarter. My husband says I'm an addict. My kids tease me too. I don't care. I LOVE IT!!! This is what Back to School 2010 looks like. (I do like to stock up for those notes coming home in Dec/Jan saying they need new stuff ... and I refuse to pay $3.00 for the same 24 count crayons)

School starts on Wednesday. Backpacks are packed. New clothes are bought.
New teachers, new friends, new adventures!

July 2010

July started off with a bang. July also brought the Wyne Family Reunion. We went over to the other side of the state and went to Camp Taylor. It was very fun. The cousins all played, the adults ate, read, napped. It doesn't get better.
One of the Wyne traditions is to exchange homemade Christmas presents. We decided that the best time to do it was at the reunion. It sure makes Christmas time less hectic. This year we hit the jackpot. We drew names and my parents had Doug & I. My mom made us this fabulous quilt. I absolutely love it. It matches everything in our room and it reminds me everyday that I'm loved. My dad made this for Doug. It was made on a scroll saw and represents everything that he loves: wildlife, singing, motorcycles, dogs, Boise State and of course the Savior. It is just beautiful.
As soon as the reunion was over we dived right into preparations for "Trek". I was in charge of designing and making 200 of these. No, not the kids but the over the shoulder, oh so lovely, highly fashionable "possible bags". There were many who helped in this adventure. I'm very glad for their service.

Alaska Cont.

This is the cabin they slept in.
They would get up early and fish, then take a nap, then fish, then nap, then fish, then nap. So much that they all came home and said "I don't know if I can go a whole work day without napping". They also read whatever books they could find. Doug read more books in Alaska then I've seen him read in a long time.
Their luxury accommodations. 4 stars don't you think?

When they first got to Alaska the fishing limit was 2 a day. A few days later it was changed to 1 fish, that's it, no more, make it good. Here's the one Doug brought home. This is how I saw it. It was packaged and frozen. My favorite way to eat things that my wild hunter brings home.

He is very glad that he went. He's not anxious to go again. There are other places he would like to see, plus we missed him. He came home sporting this...

June 2010

The weekend that school got out Doug & I took off for a wild ride. Doug loves to ride Harley's so every couple of years we rent one and go for a night. This was our cool machine this year. Bart & Dana met us in Twin Falls and we were hard core riders. This picture was supposed to be our "tough look" picture. Dana & I just kept laughing. We are such the biker babes! It makes me laugh every time I see it. People don't make eye contact with you when you wear a do-rag. The rest of June was taken up with Summer school. No cool pictures of that adventure. But because of that we will hopefully have some cool pictures of Mason come May.

June also brought to life a dream of Doug's. One of his "Bucket List" items was to go fishing in Alaska. Doug & 2 other guys left Boise and flew to Alaska. They saw some interesting signs.
They rode in little airplanes and lived to tell the tale. They did a LOT of this...and this.