Monday, September 28, 2009

10 years old

My first baby girl is 10 today. A whole decade. She went to bed at 7pm last night because she was so excited about today. She is in the process of planning her birthday party. She is going to poll her friends today and see what they want to do. (the other day she came home and said "Most of my friends have never been to the Cheesecake Factory so how about you take us all there and then to Wahooz" Um, how about birthday parties that I don't have to take out a loan for)

I love this little girl. You were so determined to get here. I remember being on the delivery table right after I had delivered Colten and the thought came to me "It won't be long before you are here again." 19 short months later you were in my arms. I remember the day that we found out we were having you, a girl. I didn't believe the doctor. He was "Positive" we were having a girl. I told him that I would believe it when I actually saw you. He made me promise that I was going to buy something pink that day. I went home and painted your dresser pink.

You were my easiest labor. The epidural worked beautifully. The dr. came in at lunch and said that I was ready to push and I said "but I'm fine". He said "fine, I'll come back after I see all my other patients". Needless to say, he stayed, I pushed and now 10 years later we still have a beautiful daughter. You are growing up fast. This year you have started doing your own hair, you read for enjoyment, you love to sing to your own music and you are wearing my shoes. I took cookies to your class today. You came home to streamers and wanted to make your own cake. You made it and I helped you decorate it. I hope you had a great day and know how very much we love you. You are a joy in our family!

Thursday Football

Thursday night was a high school football game. Jordan & I went to help the band get on the field and I like to watch Mason play. Doug had another commitment so that left the 3 youngest to go with me or stay at home. Kelsie was adamant that she go to the game. I reluctantly took her. She loved it. Who can complain when you get to be this close to this field.

The only time I worried about what would happen was when I had to help the band. The parents are asked to bring in the pit stuff (big drums, bells, music stands, mela something etc.) 5 minutes before halftime the parents gather and are told what to take out and where to put it. I didn't want Kelsie to get hurt by the instruments so my instructions to her was as soon as I said go she was to go sit on the blue bench (where the football players sit) and save me a seat. We left our seats in the stand and as I was getting my instructions I couldn't find Kelsie. I asked Jordan where she was and he pointed her out to me. She was sitting right where I had asked her to go she was just a little earlier then I had thought.

She had the best seat in the house. She couldn't have cared less about the football game behind her but she had the perfect view of the cheerleaders. She was in heaven. After our band responsibilities were over she ran up and down the bleachers. She slept really well that night. I took video of Mason playing and I'll post it if I can figure out how. :) Just in case you were wondering, we won the game with a score of 54-0.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Homecoming is almost here and guess who is going? He asked a girl last week. He stuck a note in her favorite kind of candy bar. She was smiling. He found out today that she said yes. Here is how she did it.

It had candy bars taped to it and she hung it on his band cubby. The candy bars were 1. Starburst with the star crossed out 2. Almond Joy with Almond crossed out 3. Whatchamacallit 4. Sweethearts (for those of you who don't want to figure it out...I would burst with joy to go to whatchamacallit...Homecoming! with a sweetheart like you.)

He is excited and so am I!!!

Jordan's Trick

We have some friends who taught there dog a similar trick. Jordan took it upon himself to teach Shadow. Here is the result. (I don't know how to fix the video so you don't have to tilt your head. Sorry!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Funky dog

We have a very strange dog. As soon as the dishwasher opens he is there to help. He is our first pre-wash. (it makes me want to run the dishes through twice) He has even been know to take stuff out of the dishwasher to get a better angle. The person doing the dishes loves that part.

Another of Shadow's loves is flies. We don't need a fly swatter around here. We just have to help him see the fly/moth/bee and he does the rest. Sometimes I feel bad for the bug because he will put them in his mouth and then let them go just to catch them again. Tonight he ate a moth. Mason & Jordan help by pointing out the intruder. We thought we had kids to keep us entertained. Who knew the dog could too!

Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm reflective today. 8 years ago our world changed. We all wanted to help each other. We prayed for people we didn't know. We wanted to reach out and make this world a better place. I've heard Glenn Beck say "be the September 12th people". I want to be like that. I want to help others. I want my kids to want that. In truth, it is being more like the Savior everyday. I have hope.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Game Day!

Yesterday was a game day. That is big news at our house. We wear a lot of hunter orange. (not exactly "What not to wear") This year Kassidy made a sign for the game out of a broken hanger. Kelsie didn't want to get in PJ's because she had just put her shirt on. It was fun to watch and have an excuse for a party. I Love Game Days!!! Some of Mason's friends & parents of friends came over to watch the game with us. They aren't allowed again unless they get the proper attire. (Mason gave me these for my last birthday! I love them, the only down side is that the dog does too. UGH!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weird sleeper #2

It looks like Kassidy is not the only one to sleep in weird places. Kelsie came home from Kindergarten, made herself a bed with the pillows from the couch and out she went. Oh, to be 5!