Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A new addition to the family

We have a new addition to our family. We picked up this little money sucker, I mean hot tub on Freecycle. (it is a website where people list things that they are wanting or offering. The only hitch is that it has to be free. You can not charge for it.) Someone had this in their backyard for a few years and wanted to get rid of it. My handy husband fixed the leak and now it holds water. It was jury-rigged a little in the electrical department. It is set up to plug into a regular outlet. We thought that would be awesome because we don't happen to have a 220 outlet currently. The kids were all excited to try it out. In this picture the water was a balmy 85 degrees. Nope, not warm enough for me yet. We waited a few more days and it was up to 94 degrees. We got in. It was still not warm enough for me. It was like a luke warm bathtub. I like really hot! We have since called electricians to see if we could get it hotter with different wiring. We probably can but it is going to cost a pretty little penny. Now we have to decide if this "free" hot tub is worth it. The good news is that if we decide that it isn't we can just put it back on freecycle. But then my husband won't have a project. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Kelsie's big day

6 years ago we were admiring this new little girl that had joined our family. Her labor was just as bad as Mason's. I remember very clearly grabbing Doug's shirt, pulling him in close and yelling at him "I AM GOING TO DIE!!!" It was bad. She was born within 5 minutes of that. Our lives have been greatly enhanced by this little girl. She is a complete joy!

She has waited and waited for this day. It started with a spider web hair style.

She got to celebrate with one of her favorite friends in school, River. They share the same birthday.

She wanted a star cake with gumballs. I made the cake and icing and she and Kassidy decorated it. It ended up being "How many gumballs can I stick on my cake?"
She got clothes, a lite bright and a new blanket. She has a blanket that has been well loved. Her Grandma took Kassidy to the fabric store when I was in the hospital having her. They picked out fabric. Instead of being tied Grandma put bows all over it. Kelsie calls them "loops". She carrys it by the loops. When she sleeps she puts her fingers through the loops. I have repaired it many times. Some of the bows are gone now. It is dingy and needs a bath but I am afraid it would not make it through. I asked her what she would want in a new blanket...loops was her only request and butterflies. (the dark pink has white butterflies) I hope she will love it and know that I love her.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Clothes

I remember when we were growing up, we always got a new outfit for Christmas. I loved getting dressed Christmas day. It just so fun to wear something new. Yesterday I found something new that I'm very excited to wear. It speaks for itself!


Monday, January 11, 2010

FHE treat

Tonight Colten was Family Home Evening treat. He picked our favorite family activity. We go to the local grocery store with a bulk food section. Tonight Colten picked the magic number of $1.11 (for Jan 11th) The goal is to be the closest to the target price without going over. The rule is that you can pick whatever you want in this section you just have to get as close to the target amount without going over. (if you go over you pay double what it costs) This rule was started because the kids quickly figured out that they could just get lots of candy and oops they went over. They are sneaky! You also can't use calculators. They have to do the math in their head.Mason has said that some night he is going to get tea bags. (they are .09 a piece) Then he could guarantee his win but the down side of that is he would have nothing to eat. He has not done it yet.
Tonight our winner was Kassidy with $1.09. I need to come up with some kind of roaming trophy that the winner gets. Any ideas?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wahoo!!! Victory!!! Undefeated!!! Awesome Game

The Saunders came back to our house to watch the game. As you can see they got some BSU attire. They were welcomed in to share our Blue & Orange Jello. (it's the only blue food I could come up with...any other ideas?)
It was a fun game to watch. Not as fun as the first Fiesta Bowl but still awesome. My only struggle now is that the team flies home tomorrow. They are saying they will be downtown around 2:45. Jordan has a basketball game and the kids are in school. It would be weird for me to go by myself. Before, I could always blame my enthusiasm on "doing it for the kids". Does anyone want to go with me? BOISE.....STATE! Doug's secret Santa at work gave him this for Christmas. It was on all night. Fun night and great end to a great season.

It's almost time! The party starts at 6pm tonight on Fox!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 days and counting

We only have 2 more days until the Fiesta Bowl thus the blue and orange blog. Wahoo!!!