Saturday, April 9, 2011

We took a leap...

We had a "last dinner" at our Christine house. We had hibachi. That is where we put the griddle on the table and veggies & raw meat (hot dog's included) and we all cook it ourselves. We like it because it is the one time that the kids sit around and talk instead of just eating and leaving. It is also the one time no one complains about what is for dinner. Just in case you need some is what we have: sweet onions (this is a must!), pineapple, chicken, steak, ham, Br. Poulson's secret blend of spices and of course hot dogs. Served on rice.We have lived in this house for 11 years. It is the only house Kassidy & Kelsie have ever known. We have really enjoyed it but the time has come to move. We needed more space and the right oppurtunity came along...and we took a giant leap. We went from this...

to this.

Welcome to our new kitchen. We can all stand in it and not be squished.

My parents came up on Conference weekend and helped me decorate. My mom has such a good eye. I love it.

This is the family room that opens into the kitchen. This is the "teenage mecca."

My mom picked out the fabric for the quilt and Ally & I helped her sew it together. Isn't it perfect for the media room?

We are excited to make new memories here. You are all welcome to come watch a movie, play someone in pool or just visit. Don't be strangers, visitors are always welcome.

March is for Jordan

Jordan started out March looking like this:Then he had a birthday! He turned Sweet 16 and had never been kissed. Why is that important? Because it earned him $200. For his birthday cake he wanted his favorite dessert...cherry cobbler in the dutch oven. It was really good. For next year, will someone remind me to not use the small candles in a hot dutch oven? Jordan ended the month like this. It was a great month for him.

Happy Birthday dear Jordan. We love you!

(yes, these pictures were taken on different days but this sweatshirt is all we ever see. I know he has other clothes...I see them in the laundry.)

February 2011

These pictures should have their own post but I'm behind (shocker...I know) so here you have it for posterity. Doug went snowmobiling with a friend from work. He loved every minute of it and made it home safely, which I liked.

Colten and Dad went on an overnight campout with the scouts. They went up to McCall for the great Klonkide race. The scouts built a sled and raced it in the snow. They had a lot of fun together. This last little boy of ours finally became a teenager. He was finally able to get his own facebook account. Now he has 71 friends and we have 3 teenage boys in the house. Would you like to donate to our grocery fund?
Our first little boy turned 18. How did that happen? He graduates from high school next month and CAN'T wait. He also got some mail that he had been waiting for.
Now you all have the oppurtunity to help pay his out of state tuition. It was a good month at our house. Up next...we take a big leap!

By Kelsie, About Kelsie, With Kelsie's help

This is the first picture taken of all of our kids. They were so young.

7 years has really changed them all. Little miss Kels loved her pigtails. She continues to be a little doll.

She picked this picture from her birthday. She is now 7. One more year till she goes to Disneyland on an airplane with Grandma and Grandpa, also till she gets the chance to get baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is very excited about both! Kels got a pillow pet Unicorn and some barbie dolls. Kassidy gave her a bottle of chocolate milk, wrapped up. Happy Birthday little girl. Don't grow up so fast.