Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's day of years past

I didn't take any pictures this Father's day. I don't know why, I just forgot. I did clean my room today and found a classic. It is one of my favorites. Here's the outside. Kelsie is the artist.
This is the inside. It doesn't show up very good but her eyes are all red. The poor girl had a hard time with Nursery. We have thankfully moved past that. I also love it when her daddy comes home and gives me a great big kiss.

On this Father's day Doug was doing his monthly speaking assignment for the High Council. He did a fabulous job (as always) and I wanted to share it. It is long so I put it right under the picture of the 2 of us. It's entitled Prayer & Promptings. I love to hear him speak and bear his testimony of the Savior. He is so strong. Oh, how I love him.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Channelling my inner Lisa

You might have noticed that I added a new blog on the side bar. It is called "Adopt a do". I found it by doing a google search on easy hair styles for girls. Her name just happens to be Mindy and she has lots of videos and easy instructions to follow. I love it. Here are my model girls with their "Waterfall" french braids. Go try something and let me know how it turns out. Lisa would be so impressed!

Channelling my inner Dana

Sunday night our house was filled with people. I just loved it. We picked up Keegan from BSU's football camp to spend the night with us. The older boys were thrilled. We had Avery & Chelsea with us. They have all gotten along so well. It has been fun.

Andy & Ally and their girls came down from Nampa and my parents came up from Utah on their way to the Burnett reunion in Oregon. It was full of laughter and fun.

Here is where I was channelling my inner Dana. I made cookie ice cream bowls. They were super easy and good. I got the idea from here. I think Dana would have been proud.

Have I convinced anyone to come and visit us? We'll leave the light on for you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Working backwards

I'm so far behind that I've decided to work from the most current backwards. Hopefully before summer is over I can get caught up. :) There is a park here that is as awesome as a water park without the high price. Monday was a beautiful day here. We got some treats and left the laundry. We have 2 of the Browns kids with us for a little while so each of the girls had a buddy. They had a fabulous time. We call them Chassidy and Kavery. Kavery are always found outside on the tramp.

The only sunburn to be had is on my left arm. I had it draped over the back of the chair while I read a book and didn't notice that it was left to bake in the sun. It is very redneck!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I see stars!

Last week our school had a fundraiser dance. The theme was Hollywood stars. You could dress up if you wanted. We didn't want to. Mason & Jordan decided to pass on this event. Here's Colten (orange shirt) dancing away.
Kassidy (pink shirt) even got into it.

Kelsie was very excited to go but once she got there this is what we had. She did not want to smile or leave her dad. At the dance they have a hula hoop contest which she had told us about before we left. She said "I think I can win." I thought for sure she would not go out there. I was wrong. The contest is broken down by grade level. They called for the Kindergartners. She ran out there. (13 seconds)

After all the contests were over she got a "Oscar". She was very happy. Kassidy & Colten did well but couldn't outlast their grade level kids. After it was all over Kelsie looked up at me and said "At least one of us got a trophy". That girl continues to surprise us.