Tuesday, June 28, 2011

State Tennis

One of Mason's goals for his senior year was to make it to State in tennis. He played mixed doubles & boy's doubles. It seems like every time he played a game he would play with a new partner the next time. In April he was practicing with the team when he felt something pop in his hip, after that he couldn't walk. After an MRI we found out he had a tear in his hip flexor. The Dr. said he was out for the season. We went for a 2nd opinion (my dad) and he said that as long as he could stand the pain he could play. He took it easy for a week and then was right back at it. He was thrilled that his goal could still be in his view. By the time districts came along he was back to his playing self. The only problem was the 2 players he was used to playing with Eli Somers & Kelsea Lay were paired together because he had been out due to injury. Mason then was given a partner named Tressa who is a freshman. She was about 5'3 and she plays very well. They made it to state and were thrilled. The 3rd game of State was what we were hoping would not happen. Capital vs Capital and not just playing against his teammates but he had played doubles with both of them as partners during this last season.

Mason & Tressa won the game and made it to the 2nd day of state and then lost. It was a great way to finish out his Senior year. The only down side was that state Tennis fell on his very last day of high school. Yep, he missed his last day. Way to go, Mason!

Class of 2011

Mason joined the graduating class of 2011!

My parents came up to join us in the celebration! This is the first of their 43 grandchildren to graduate from high school. That is alot of graduations to sit through.

We made sure that the gameboys were charged before we headed off.

He is ready to take on the world, but are we ready to let go?