Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eagle Project Fundrasier

We have 2 boys who have Eagle projects. They both have a plan and now just need funding. We decided to try something new and a little different. We had a "Fear Factor" party for M & J's friends. The friends were charged $10 to attend. We had 14 kids there. Not as many as we were hoping but enough to have a fun party. We started with "Lickin' and Stickin" .

Then we moved onto one of my personal favorites. The marshmallow toss. You take a shower cap and shaving cream and marshmallows. It makes for a fun mess.

We had a "pop chug" where a few of the participants ended up on the floor. They don't drink pop much and it didn't sit well with them. They all survived and no one had thrown up at this point.

One of Doug's favorite challenges is "Eat up, it's good for you" It involves the two of us going to the store and buying whatever sounds the grossest. This year was exceptional. There was pickled green beans, wasabi, anchovies, sardines in mustard sauce, cocktail onions, goat's milk (brings back memories of growing up) and of course the pickled pigs feet. Most tried it, some couldn't make it go down (notice the garbage cans very close) but everyone learned something new. One boy actually liked the anchovies. The pigs feet were touched by everyone but no one had the guts to eat it. I really can't blame them.

Our last challenge before the camera batteries died was a cupcake relay. They had to eat a cupcake without hands. It doesn't sound too hard but they were individually wrapped first.

The final came down to 2 people. M & Tyler. They got to fish 50 gummy worms out of cooked spaghetti and prune juice. Tyler came out ahead. He got big money and "100 grand". I think, a good time was had by all.

Frightfully Fun

Halloween is a fun holiday around here. The school and work celebrated on Friday. Doug's job always goes over the top. Here is what happened this year. Can you tell which one is Doug?
Not that one and the rats are a nice touch. They all had a good time except for little Miss Katy. My sister-in-law Ally and her kids went with us to see them. Katy (2 years old) didn't like it AT ALL.
Happy Halloween All!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Our last weekend had everything to do with music. Jordan had a concert on Friday night. Here is a little taste. He is sandwiched in between 2 of his good friends or otherwise known as his competition next year for Jazz Band. (Nick & Ben)

Mason had his District III Marching Band competition on Saturday. They have worked really hard and I think it looked "Incredible". Now Mason swears he has more time to devote to actually doing his eagle project not just planning it. ( I couldn't get the video to load, sorry. I'll try again later)

Both the boys are marching in the Veteren's day Parade on November 7th. Anybody want to come this way?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This week

I'm sorry for the lack of posts. We have been a little under the weather. Everyone had a fever and aches except for Jordan and Doug. It has been a loooong week. I think we are on the upswing, finally. Tonight was a football game. Kelsie & Colten went with us. I don't know why people complain about doing stairs. Kelsie could do them all night. She loves it!
I finally got a picture of Mason all dressed up.
Colten waited all game to dive into the end zone. He waited until the game was over and once my camera was ready I told him to go for it. Kelsie went for moral support.

Capital won easily and Colten & Kelsie fell asleep on the drive home. It doesn't get better then that. The last marching band competition is this Saturday. Good luck Mason!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I love Halloween. It's just a fun time. This year my sister Lisa gave me the idea of how do decorate the outside of my house. I think it turned out ok. Thanks Lisa! The black bags are supposed to glow in the dark. They don't look as impressive as they did on the package. Oh well. If we can figure out a day to do it we are going to have a teenager fear factor party. That should bring some good pictures! Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Homecoming was last weekend. It was also Mason's first date. This is the picture that I made him take as he was walking out the door. See the enthusiasm? But I didn't care what we made him do, he was taking the truck. The nicely washed, vacuumed and shined truck. He said the van wasn't cool enough. I understand but I would love to have it cleaned too!

He went with a girl named Briana. They started the day at 12:30 and had a photo scavenger hunt. He said it was super fun. Here are some random pictures from that. The guy on the end (brown jacket) had a date but couldn't go till that night. After playing around they dropped the girls off to prep and came home to get ready. He loved driving by himself and he said it was the best time. He went to pick her up and then the whole group met at a park downtown to have the parents take pictures. Here's some of them. As you can see he went with a big group.
After the photo shoot they went to Grange's for dinner and then to the dance. They stayed for about 20 minutes and then they came to our house to play "Werewolves of Miller's Hollow". He had a great time and his first date was a huge success!

Guess who?

Happy Birthday My Love!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guess what happened today?

Here is clue number 1:

Here is the give away.

Yes, I was the mother who took pictures of him during all of this excitement but that is why the first one is so far away. He didn't even know that I took them. I'm sly like that. The big dance/date is Saturday so he is excited that his Dad won't have to drive him. I was kind of looking forward to hearing the stories but oh well. At least this way the truck will get washed/waxed/vacuumed. :)

He did very well on his driving test. He knew 15 minutes ahead of taking it. He said it was better that way, he didn't have all night to worry about it. He missed 5 points. He forgot to put on the parking brake. (who does that anyway???) He was a little worried about the written test. It has been awhile since he took driver's ed. He read through the book & took practice tests online. He sat down at the computer and missed the first 3 questions. That got his heart racing. You can only miss 7 and then you fail. He got all of them right after that. He didn't even have to look at the last 3 questions because it didn't matter.

At the DMV there was a little boy running around while his mom was waiting to get her license. It got me thinking. It wasn't that long ago that that was Mason. The first time I had to get my license renewed after I had had Mason I brought him with me. He was crying so I put him in my lap while they took the picture. They had to adjust it so it wouldn't show his head. The time has gone fast. This was such a milestone in my life that I'm very excited for him. The one problem that we are having now is that he thinks he can now drive the van to school instead of riding his bike. He forgot that I might need a vehicle. Peddle on young grasshopper!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pajama Sunday aka General Conference Weekend

This weekend was General Conference. I love General Conference weekend. Usually we decide to paint a room on that Saturday. Not this year! We just watched conference. It was nice. I'm afraid that our major project (master bathroom) might have killed us for future home improvement projects. Our Sunday tradition has been to have biscuits and sausage. We have also added Grandma Helen's gravy. Some of us are still tried and true "biscuit & Jam" people but some have crossed over into the gavy boat.

All in all we love conference weekend. It is a great time to be together and have the prophet in our home. (although if he was really in our home I would have cleaned more and put makeup on)

One funny note: Elder Bednar spoke on Saturday about teaching your children. He spoke of how spouses need to tell each other of their love; parents need to tell their children; kids need to be nice to each other. After family prayer Doug said to Colten "I love you man" and Colten said "I love you with all my heart & Mom, I love you with all my heart and more." He is the one that will take really good care of me when I am old. :) Elder Bednar spoke about how their family scripture study would go something like this "he's touching me, he's reading from my book, he's breathing my air. etc." My kids thought that was pretty funny and continued to say that the rest of the night. Doug came up with a good comeback. "Then go outside. There is more air there."

I love conference weekend.