Friday, September 4, 2009

Game Day!

Yesterday was a game day. That is big news at our house. We wear a lot of hunter orange. (not exactly "What not to wear") This year Kassidy made a sign for the game out of a broken hanger. Kelsie didn't want to get in PJ's because she had just put her shirt on. It was fun to watch and have an excuse for a party. I Love Game Days!!! Some of Mason's friends & parents of friends came over to watch the game with us. They aren't allowed again unless they get the proper attire. (Mason gave me these for my last birthday! I love them, the only down side is that the dog does too. UGH!)


  1. It was certainly entertaining to say the least. I wish our house was more like that. Bronco football is Scott's second religion...he takes it very seriously. He wants total silence so that he can hear every comment and yell at ESPN. I think I am going to send him away next game so the kids and I can cheer all we want!

  2. I wish we could have a team to cheer for- at least one that wins every now & then! Go BSU!