Saturday, April 9, 2011

March is for Jordan

Jordan started out March looking like this:Then he had a birthday! He turned Sweet 16 and had never been kissed. Why is that important? Because it earned him $200. For his birthday cake he wanted his favorite dessert...cherry cobbler in the dutch oven. It was really good. For next year, will someone remind me to not use the small candles in a hot dutch oven? Jordan ended the month like this. It was a great month for him.

Happy Birthday dear Jordan. We love you!

(yes, these pictures were taken on different days but this sweatshirt is all we ever see. I know he has other clothes...I see them in the laundry.)

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  1. Hey just wanted you to know I thought the 200 dollars was such a great idea that we adopted it. Joaquin upped the ante and told the girls 200 for 16, 400 for 18, and 1000 if they waited until the were married. Jessi is determined to wait, yahoo. Thanks for the great idea!