Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Clothes

I remember when we were growing up, we always got a new outfit for Christmas. I loved getting dressed Christmas day. It just so fun to wear something new. Yesterday I found something new that I'm very excited to wear. It speaks for itself!



  1. BOOOOO!!!! BOOOOO!!!!!!

    GO TCU!!!!

    Just messing with ya.

  2. Mindy, how do you kick someone off your blog? :) Are you really a TCU fan? What is a horned frog anyway? :)

  3. No I am not a TCU fan, but I thought I would give her grief,
    And I have NO idea what a horned frog is. I know what a Horney Toad is. Maybe they are one in the same.

    My darling hubby works at Baylor so I am a Baylor fan.

  4. Mindy, I was just teasing also. I have no issues with Baylor and you could even be a TCU fan. I was just glad that we won, no matter who we played. Football season is now over, sad cold winter. Does Baylor have a football team?

  5. I just can't figure out what your going to put on your blog now. Is Football Season over? Have I missed the superbowl? I really am pathetic I know, but I haven't been sleeping much. Before I forget we're blessing Halle on Feb. 7 @9 am. We'd love to have you but no pressure. You've spent lots on gas driving this way lately. Sure luv ya.