Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another February Birthday

Today Colten turned 12. He had a crazy great day. It started with a basketball team breakfast at school. Then he passed out cupcakes to his class. Then had cookies to pass out after his basketball game. He came home to cake and presents. It doesn't get much better then that. He got a Wii game and rollerblades. Hopefully my next blog entry won't be pictures of the broken bones to go with the skates. Colten is a joy to have in our home. He always hugs me goodnight. He gave a talk in Primary last Sunday. (his farewell address) He spoke on the love that our Savior has for each of us. He said "if you are feeling like no one loves you then remember the atonement. The Savior is always there." I'm so thankful for all the primary teachers who helped teach him. I realized last Sunday that we are more then halfway through with Primary. Now we will have a Deacon, Teacher & Priest. I'm grateful for the Priesthood in my life

(Sorry I'm slow Daisy...does 3 posts in one day make up for it?)


  1. Happy Birthday, Colten! Please forgive us for not calling. Thursdays are insane for us! I didn't even get home till 11:30 and I'm sure you didn't want us calling when you are sound asleep! We love you and we're so glad you're part of the family!!!

    BTW, I had to laugh (quietly) at the colorful, stretchy pants, Mindy! I'm just glad you don't wear them now... then I would really have to turn you into "What Not to Wear"!!!

  2. Mindy - how funny that you should mention that there hadn't been many blogs this month (since the February 6 post, to be exact, which meant 12 long days w/o you, but who's counting?) I had just said to myself yesterday, "I hate Mindy's job, cause now I can't just call her anytime, AND she's obviously too tired to blog!" I'm having flashbacks to my working days....ugh!
    Happy Birthday, Colten! You are such a joy and blessing to our family. Are you playing basketball? Enjoy your rollerblades - what was the wii game that you got!

  3. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mason and Colten! Some day Nate and I will be more consistent with calling on birthdays. For now please give them a high-five from both of us (and a high five in the face from Sinjin).