Saturday, February 20, 2010

One Sexy seamstress

My man has multiple talents. Today he installed a brand new sink for me. He also went to JoAnn's fabric and bought fabric and is now sewing flags. He is doing it all by himself. I love the tape measure around the neck. He quickly learned to not step on the end of that while it is around your neck. He is fabulously talented. He did have to go to Home Depot after the craft store just to get his testosterone level back up. Our youth are going on a Faith Quest in August. They will be divided into families and each family will have their own flag. My cutie that continues to amaze me with his talents.


  1. Doug - what are you thinkin? You realize your 2 olders brothers already worry that you are a little too much in touch with your "feminine side"....remember playing the word game at one of our Christmas parties???? However, I think it's great that you are so multi-talented, and I'll give you a little ammo....elder brother #2 has been known to do a little "quilting". Besides, every good missionary learns how to do some sewing, right? Love you man! P.S. The pencil and tape measure gave it a manly, "scientific" look (insert a "Tim the Toolman" grunt here!)

  2. Maybe Doug can convince Nate he should be the seamstress in our family? Though seamstress sounds kind of femmy...maybe we can start calling it "seamstrong" and it will lose the stigma?