Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 15, 2010

17 years ago I looked like this. This is two days before I delivered my first little boy. I don't know what I was thinking with those pants...and with that couch to model on, it just doesn't get better then that. Now this is what we have. He is taller then both Doug & I and can't wear Doug's shoes anymore. My little boy that I love to hold in my arms is growing up too fast! We love you, Mason. (he got clothes, bsu pj's and a trombone tuner...nothing with 4 wheels and a motor. Bummer)


  1. Mindy - What can we say - you like flowers! I think you looked dang cute! (I really liked the flowers you "sported" on Valentine's Day - nothing says "I love you" like flowers!!)

    Hey Mason - happy birthday! How in the heck did that happen that 17 years have flown by since we first laid eyes on that handsome baby boy with a TON of black hair! And we all were certain that you were not only the cutest, but also the smartest baby on the planet! (Then all your brothers and sisters showed up and they were all cute and smart, too, but I guess you got to be 1st!) How glad we are that you were sent to our family. Thanks for being such a great kid!

  2. Leggings are so in right now--don't you love it when old pictures are suddenly fashionable again??