Monday, March 15, 2010

FHE fun and joy

Last night we had family home evening. Oh what fun that is. We have really slacked on our lessons. Last week Doug made a fun Jeopardy game. This week I read an article in the New Era to prepare. It was an article about how the Old Testament can relate to our day. You can find the article here. Each child had a scripture they were to read and then figure out how it could relate to us today. Mason said that according to his scripture (part of it read: for they wist not what it was) that it means things are not as they appear. He totally missed it and then we had to spend 10 minutes debating the issue. I was pretty frustrated. I said I was trying to come up with good lessons and it was all going over your heads. Jordan said, without skipping a beat, "then you should dumb it down for us". Oh the joys of Family Home Evening. Doug leaned over and said "don't worry, we will sing Love at Home for the closing song" The only family fight that begins and ends with prayer. (10 bonus points to whoever can figure out the scripture Mason had and the real meaning I was trying to get to.)

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  1. Ok, I have no clue on the scripture but love the story. Last night we had cut out a cute activity (Jessi was in charge), and she hid 16 little clues. But unfortunately couldn't remember where she hid them. After 10 minutes of searching Joaquin got tired of the crying and announced we would only read the ones we already found and FHE WAS OVER! We should have closed with Love at Home too.