Monday, March 15, 2010

Our March Baby

We had our last birthday for this quarter. Our Jordan. He turned 15 last week. Our second son. At the time that I was pregnant the OB did an ultrasound at 8-10 weeks and that was it. I was sure that all three of my boys were girls. 0 for 3. At the time Jordan came into our lives we were living in Rexburg and managing apartments for then "Ricks". I was induced because my family had planned a big trip to go to Illinois 10 days later. The dr. broke my water at 7:45am and you were born at 11:17am. When he was born Doug told me what we had. "It's another little boy!" YEA! He is a joy to our family.

This year we have learned some things about our second son.
*We can suggest things but when a girl does you are more likely to do it.
*You like the color green. (for a long time it was black, I'm glad that you've switched to a lighter color)
*You have your own sense of humor just like your dad.
*You are a very polite texter.
*You LOVE to text.
*You HATE long pants. You wear shorts every day. The only time we see you in pants is when a girl suggests you go to the SND (Saturday Night Youth Dance) (see the first bullet point)
*You love to wear your blue BSU sweatshirt. According to the laundry you wear different tshirts but we never see them.

This year one of his "friends" decorated his bedroom for his birthday. He was thrilled. The only problem is that he is going to be cleaning up confetti for a really long time. (Mason must have helped) Happy15th Son!

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  1. Wow, 15? That is wild! I'm with you on the list - girls always overrule the family. I remember someone else decorating friends rooms? Who could that be?