Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break

Can you guess what we did on the first day of Spring Break? No, this is not the DI pile or the garbage. It is all of our laundry. Our poor new washer has broken. I guess we have overworked it and it wanted a Spring break also. So off we went to the Laundromat. The girls like to help. 22 loads later and around $60. (some for the washers & dryers and lots more for the video games that they have there) we finished. It only took around 2 hours. Not bad for a weeks worth of dirty clothes. Hopefully the rest of the week will be uneventful!


  1. You are a better woman than I am! I think I would've told the kids to wear dirty clothes. I can't even imagine folding 22 loads of laundry let alone in one day! Yuck! I hope you're having fun in Utah without us. Give everyone a hug from our family.

  2. What a challenge - but you did it! You go girl! I think that makes you some kinda "Proverbs 31" wife! What great teamwork...wish I would have been there to help cuz I do love doing laundry. Heck, I even like to IRON, which would put me AHEAD of the Proverbs 31 wife IF only I liked to cook and clean!:) I also need to work on the "worketh willingly with her hands" part, along with the "She riseth while it is yet night" stuff. I am probably also guilty of eating "of the bread of idleness" whenever I'm on this silly computer. Oh well, guess that's why we call it "striving" for perfection. Love you and miss you. Wish you would move over here.