Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's day of years past

I didn't take any pictures this Father's day. I don't know why, I just forgot. I did clean my room today and found a classic. It is one of my favorites. Here's the outside. Kelsie is the artist.
This is the inside. It doesn't show up very good but her eyes are all red. The poor girl had a hard time with Nursery. We have thankfully moved past that. I also love it when her daddy comes home and gives me a great big kiss.

On this Father's day Doug was doing his monthly speaking assignment for the High Council. He did a fabulous job (as always) and I wanted to share it. It is long so I put it right under the picture of the 2 of us. It's entitled Prayer & Promptings. I love to hear him speak and bear his testimony of the Savior. He is so strong. Oh, how I love him.

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  1. Even when she is "not happy," she is a little cutie! This was very touching, Mindy...thanks for sharing his talk and thanks for loving my baby brother so much! You guys are amazing.