Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I see stars!

Last week our school had a fundraiser dance. The theme was Hollywood stars. You could dress up if you wanted. We didn't want to. Mason & Jordan decided to pass on this event. Here's Colten (orange shirt) dancing away.
Kassidy (pink shirt) even got into it.

Kelsie was very excited to go but once she got there this is what we had. She did not want to smile or leave her dad. At the dance they have a hula hoop contest which she had told us about before we left. She said "I think I can win." I thought for sure she would not go out there. I was wrong. The contest is broken down by grade level. They called for the Kindergartners. She ran out there. (13 seconds)

After all the contests were over she got a "Oscar". She was very happy. Kassidy & Colten did well but couldn't outlast their grade level kids. After it was all over Kelsie looked up at me and said "At least one of us got a trophy". That girl continues to surprise us.


  1. Awe, congrats Kelsie! We'll have to have a contest at the reunion. Sammy plays the hula-hoop game on the wii fit, but I don't know if she could beat you at the real thing... Did your mommy teach you how to move your hips like that? That was amazing, girl!!!

  2. I am so impressed! She looked fantastic - you can tell her from me we should bring the hula hoops to the Wyne Reunion and she can put us all to shame!