Thursday, November 5, 2009

To my weird running family

I have a family of runners. Most have run marathons. They always try and convince us non-runners to run. "It will be so fun to finish together..." Do they really want to run 15 minute miles? That is the pace I love. I like to talk while I run/walk. If I can't do that then where is the fun. According to that pace it would take me just over 3 hours to do a half marathon. A full marathon would take me longer then 6.5 hours because I'm sure that I would have to puke a few times during that time. My thoughts have been more a long the lines of "if you have to pack food to keep going then you are exercising for way to long".

One of my blog friends posted this video. My hat is off to this man. Very impressive. And to my family who are coming to our neck of the woods this weekend to run a wickedly hilly half is a new goal for you.


  1. O.K. Mindy very funny, especially since I just got done signing up for the Zeitgeist a few minutes ago. Have I run in a, Have I worked, Am I crazy...yes. Come join, you can still sign up!

  2. Hello Mindy. This is MINDY... ( your alter-ego )
    I totally agree with you. WHY ON EARTH WOULD I RUN ANYWHERE?