Monday, November 2, 2009

Last Halloween Post, I promise

I know what you are thinking..."not another Halloween post, get on with it". Halloween is for the kids, right? Here are the ones who actually got to go Trick Or Treating this year. It's Colten's last one. They all made out like bandits. Colten was good old Scooby Doo. Kelsie was a cheerleader but couldn't carry her pompoms because then how would she hold her candy? Kassidy wanted to be a Kid Lawyer. Doug helped her with some business cards. They said
Kid Lawyer
at your service
123 Juris
Prudence Ave
SueTown, ID
Don't make me go all Habeas Corpus on you!!!
An added bonus was that Doug made her look up the words in the dictionary so that she would know what they mean. She went to school with a pocket full of business cards. Whenever the teacher was not happy with a kid then she got up quietly and gave the kid a business card. Her teacher this year is a great sport and thought it was hilarious. Kassidy's teacher ended up with a card by the end of the day. They all had fun!


  1. ok, so are you going to let her tell Aunt Sarah what it means too? I'm so glad you're kids still like trick or treating as well. I am also sooo impressed you have changed your background already to Thanksgiving. What a woman!

  2. Oh man we love that--what a smarty pants (robe?)!