Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend craziness but great fun!

This weekend was full of family fun. It started with Brown's coming up on Thursday night. Bart & Doug went fishing and Dana and I took the kids to Nampa to play with Ally & Emily. Brown's really wanted to see the old State Penitentiary. It was interesting. I didn't know that they spook it up for Halloween. It wouldn't take much to scare people there. It's kind of creepy already.
This is a lot of us in solitary confinement. Here's another one. I don't understand how people can go crazy in here by themselves. (said very sarcastically)
Interesting part of Idaho's history.

Saturday morning we went downtown for the Veteran's Day Parade. M & J both marched in it. Fairmont gets the bonus points for playing while they walked by us. Capital played up until they saw us and then played again once they passed us. I'm sure it was on purpose. M tried to hold a straight face as we yelled for him but lost it at the end. Silly boy, we are to loud to ignore!

I am very grateful to the families of those who have served and continue to serve to protect our freedoms. A parade doesn't do it justice. Thank you!

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