Monday, November 16, 2009

Do you bleed blue?

Saturday's game was a big rival game. Bronco's vs. Vandals. Blue & Orange vs. Black & Yellow. We had bought 3 tickets because Doug's sister was supposed to come up. Lots of things happened and she couldn't make it. We missed her! But C was excited to get to go. We tailgated with Nan (a co-worker of Doug's who is a HUGE BSU fan. Season tickets, tailgating, even travels to some of the away idol) They were all very welcoming. Tailgating is huge here. See all the blue & orange tents. People bring their huge TVs and satellite dishes to watch the pre-game &/or the real game.
This month Horizon unveiled their BSU colored plane. It did a fly over. There was a little thing over the Vandal coach not getting on his assigned flight because it was this plane.

The seats were awesome. We sat closer then we do for the HS football games. There were 2 Vandal fans right in front of us for the first part of the game. They were not impressed with all the blue and cheering. They were asked to watch their mouth. They left not long after that. We would have been nice.
There was a lady who sat right in front of us who took this picture for us. She would give us all high fives every time we scored, which was frequently. Lots of spirit.

It was very cold. Thus the brown coat. I told Doug that next time I'm getting one of those Blue & Orange winter coats that my sister's would just cringe at. (so not what to wear) (see the guy in a white baseball cap in the above picture...oh yea!)
It was great fun and in the end we came out with a big W.
The theme for the day was "Remember, it's up to you to stop 'Vandal'ism."
We missed you, Blackfoot Bullocks!

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  1. Are you sure you were a drill teamer and not a cheerleader? I think you should totally buy a hideously orange and blue jacket! I haven't been to a fun football game in forever!