Tuesday, December 8, 2009

18 Years

This last weekend Doug & I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. (Doug says that we are now adults) It was 18 years ago that we went to the Idaho Falls Temple as 2 single people and came out a married couple and we have never looked back. We've had our moments where we thought it was going to be a long eternity but luckily those moments don't last. I'm so grateful for that cold December day. It was the best decision that we've ever made. I love this man! On Monday morning our world was turned upside down. Doug got a phone call at work that his dad had passed away. Doug had tried to call Grandpa Leo on Sunday night but he didn't answer the phone. A neighbor found him. He was in his chair by his tv. We are hoping that he fell asleep and just didn't wake up. We are sad but also glad. Because of the gospel we know that Leo & Helen are finally together again, never to be separated. (Helen died in 2000) We know that they are both whole and pain free. We are sad because we will miss them here. The kids were pretty upset last night. We talked about death and the resurrection. We talked about Grandpa's spirit leaving his body, Grandma coming to get Grandpa, how they are together and happy again. We talked about how their spirits will come back and join their bodies and they will be perfect. Kelsie laughed that maybe Grandpa would come back as a little boy and that would be funny to see. The peace that comes with the gospel teachings are indescribable.
I love this picture of these 2 great men. My husband is a great man because of this one. He raised a man that I am grateful for every single day! Thank you, Leo.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Isn't it interesting how the spirit works. I am sorry Doug didn't get to talk to his dad one more time, but he was thinking of him. I love the late 80's early 90's look. We also were married on a cold December day. Not exactly your spring wedding with gorgeous pics outside but during a special time of year.

    I hope that this untimely death is not too emotionally taxing for your family! Sure think your the best, always have!

  2. Congratulations on 18 years... I was only 8 years old when you got married! I hope you were able to do something fun to celebrate. And again, I'm so deeply sorry about Leo. Tell all the kids that we love them and to hang in there.

  3. Nice tux, Doug! And congrats--18 years of marriage, happy that you did it, is definitely a wonderful accomplishment :)

    We love you guys and are so sorry about Doug's dad. I agree though that it's good news for him--I'm sure he's so thrilled to be with his wife again.

  4. Thanks for making me cry Mindy. I'm just catching up on my "blog stocking" and loved your post. I still can't believe it's been 18 years too. Still a hottie! (you - not so much Doug-that big Tom Seleck mustache almost makes him hot though)