Thursday, December 3, 2009

The First ONE!

Yesterday was the day I volunteer at the school. I put Kels on the bus and then go right to the school. I have enough time to give each of the 3 teachers one hour. That is how it is supposed to work. I think it has worked that way once or twice this school year. Yesterday was no different. I started off in Kassidy's classroom. She came in from lunch almost hysterical. "Kels has blood on her neck" I asked her where Kels was and she was with the nurse. I gave Kassidy a quick hug and then went to the nurses office where there were a lot of people trying to figure out what had happened. The nurse looked at her and said that she would recommend going to the dr. because it might need to be stitched up. I looked at it once and decided that I would take her word for it. (yuck!) I took her to or physician and the first nurse said "I don't think it will need stitches but let me get a second opinion." The second nurse came in and said "Yep, I think he will want to put some in." UGH! I almost called Doug. I wasn't sure if I could handle it. You see, Kels is brave but me, not so much. They numbed her up (didn't like that) and then let us sit until the dr. came back from lunch. Kels then fell asleep on the table. Can a person get stitches while they were asleep? I was hoping, but no. The dr. walked in and her eyes popped right open. He was very good with her. He put one stitch in and was about to put another in when she just started crying. He decided that one was enough. The nurse then steri-stripped the rest.

Kels wanted to go show Doug how brave she was. Especially in light of this last weekend when Doug sliced his finger open. He didn't want to get stitches so he just put really tight band-aids on it but it probably should have been sewn. I couldn't take Kels to his office with the clothes that she had on because it is not even close to Halloween so we bought her a new outfit. She doesn't want me to take a picture of her stitch but she would let me take a picture of her new outfit. She said she isn't smiling not because it hurts but because she is "bored".

Luckily the day ended on a high note. Kels has a blanket that her grandma made for her that she sleeps with every night. She accidentally left it at Aunt Dana's this last weekend. We have found a replacement (Grandma crocheted a blanket for Mason that I thought would work.) but Aunt Dana's box came yesterday. She was able to finally sleep with her "bows" (her blanket has bows on each square and she puts her fingers through the loops when she goes to sleep) It ended on a good note!

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  1. Kels, sweetie, I'm so sorry you had to get a stitch. They're no fun at all. Hope it gets better soon. Tell your mom to give you a big hug and kiss from me.

    What exactly happened? And is the stitch on her neck? That really stinks!