Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finally a new post

I know that I've been slow to update. That is how it goes in my journal too. New Years Day gets an update and the next update is ... next year if I'm lucky. At least this is better then that right?
We went to Blackfoot first and stayed with Doug's sister and then had breakfast with Doug's dad, Leo. Doug's sister, Janet and her family came up and ate with us. Then we stopped and saw Jerry's family and Wayne's. We got to see everyone on Doug's side except Sue. It was yummy and the company was excellent. After visiting we piled back into our small mini van and traveled to Sandy. It was loud and great. The kids all had a ball. This is the kids eating and then the adults ate. Crazyfun!!! 39 total. The oldest is 16 and the youngest was 19 months old. (there are 2 more coming, one in December & one in February) Everyone was there except Nate & Gwendolyn & Sinjin. They didn't make the trip from CA. We missed them!

Are you wondering how you put that many people to bed? This is the only time my kids get sleep overs. This is my parents toy room. (finished just before everyone came. Great job!) This is the 10 and under crowd. We usually come and make beds for them around 9-10ish. Then they talk/giggle/play until they finally fall asleep around 11pm. Then they are up at 7. That way everyone sleeps in the car on the way home. It's always a very quiet ride home.

This year one of my mom's neighbors let some of us crash at their house while they were gone. It was very nice. Only big kids were allowed over at the "Guest house". They bought a new game called "Killer Bunnies". They liked it.

The big boys slept in the "Guest house" family room. It looks a lot like the toy room only with bigger bodies. They would play xbox until we finally tell them to shut it off. I'm grateful they have cousins that are also their friends.

This is what used to be the "big boys". Not because of their size but because we were a house of mainly girls until we started to get married. Most of the them play bridge. Even Bart can be talked into it, on a good day. They stay up until 2-3 playing. The girls usually talk for awhile but we don't have the same stamina.

One of our family traditions is going around the table and telling what we are thankful for. This year I'm very grateful for the Holy Ghost. I'm grateful that he doesn't give up even when we don't listen. If we have a desire to be closer to our Heavenly Father he will direct our path. He will take our worries and make our load lighter. The gospel is a great thing! I'm also very grateful for family, mine and Doug's. It's great to have friends on both sides. I love spending time with them all. Happy Thanksgiving, a little late!

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