Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eagle Project Fundrasier

We have 2 boys who have Eagle projects. They both have a plan and now just need funding. We decided to try something new and a little different. We had a "Fear Factor" party for M & J's friends. The friends were charged $10 to attend. We had 14 kids there. Not as many as we were hoping but enough to have a fun party. We started with "Lickin' and Stickin" .

Then we moved onto one of my personal favorites. The marshmallow toss. You take a shower cap and shaving cream and marshmallows. It makes for a fun mess.

We had a "pop chug" where a few of the participants ended up on the floor. They don't drink pop much and it didn't sit well with them. They all survived and no one had thrown up at this point.

One of Doug's favorite challenges is "Eat up, it's good for you" It involves the two of us going to the store and buying whatever sounds the grossest. This year was exceptional. There was pickled green beans, wasabi, anchovies, sardines in mustard sauce, cocktail onions, goat's milk (brings back memories of growing up) and of course the pickled pigs feet. Most tried it, some couldn't make it go down (notice the garbage cans very close) but everyone learned something new. One boy actually liked the anchovies. The pigs feet were touched by everyone but no one had the guts to eat it. I really can't blame them.

Our last challenge before the camera batteries died was a cupcake relay. They had to eat a cupcake without hands. It doesn't sound too hard but they were individually wrapped first.

The final came down to 2 people. M & Tyler. They got to fish 50 gummy worms out of cooked spaghetti and prune juice. Tyler came out ahead. He got big money and "100 grand". I think, a good time was had by all.

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