Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guess what happened today?

Here is clue number 1:

Here is the give away.

Yes, I was the mother who took pictures of him during all of this excitement but that is why the first one is so far away. He didn't even know that I took them. I'm sly like that. The big dance/date is Saturday so he is excited that his Dad won't have to drive him. I was kind of looking forward to hearing the stories but oh well. At least this way the truck will get washed/waxed/vacuumed. :)

He did very well on his driving test. He knew 15 minutes ahead of taking it. He said it was better that way, he didn't have all night to worry about it. He missed 5 points. He forgot to put on the parking brake. (who does that anyway???) He was a little worried about the written test. It has been awhile since he took driver's ed. He read through the book & took practice tests online. He sat down at the computer and missed the first 3 questions. That got his heart racing. You can only miss 7 and then you fail. He got all of them right after that. He didn't even have to look at the last 3 questions because it didn't matter.

At the DMV there was a little boy running around while his mom was waiting to get her license. It got me thinking. It wasn't that long ago that that was Mason. The first time I had to get my license renewed after I had had Mason I brought him with me. He was crying so I put him in my lap while they took the picture. They had to adjust it so it wouldn't show his head. The time has gone fast. This was such a milestone in my life that I'm very excited for him. The one problem that we are having now is that he thinks he can now drive the van to school instead of riding his bike. He forgot that I might need a vehicle. Peddle on young grasshopper!

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  1. How cool is that?!? I'm sooo impressed Mason! I still remember missing my questions too. I had to retake the test a few years ago and studied tons, luckily I passed. We can't wait to see the official license at Thanksgiving.