Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pajama Sunday aka General Conference Weekend

This weekend was General Conference. I love General Conference weekend. Usually we decide to paint a room on that Saturday. Not this year! We just watched conference. It was nice. I'm afraid that our major project (master bathroom) might have killed us for future home improvement projects. Our Sunday tradition has been to have biscuits and sausage. We have also added Grandma Helen's gravy. Some of us are still tried and true "biscuit & Jam" people but some have crossed over into the gavy boat.

All in all we love conference weekend. It is a great time to be together and have the prophet in our home. (although if he was really in our home I would have cleaned more and put makeup on)

One funny note: Elder Bednar spoke on Saturday about teaching your children. He spoke of how spouses need to tell each other of their love; parents need to tell their children; kids need to be nice to each other. After family prayer Doug said to Colten "I love you man" and Colten said "I love you with all my heart & Mom, I love you with all my heart and more." He is the one that will take really good care of me when I am old. :) Elder Bednar spoke about how their family scripture study would go something like this "he's touching me, he's reading from my book, he's breathing my air. etc." My kids thought that was pretty funny and continued to say that the rest of the night. Doug came up with a good comeback. "Then go outside. There is more air there."

I love conference weekend.

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