Monday, October 26, 2009


Our last weekend had everything to do with music. Jordan had a concert on Friday night. Here is a little taste. He is sandwiched in between 2 of his good friends or otherwise known as his competition next year for Jazz Band. (Nick & Ben)

Mason had his District III Marching Band competition on Saturday. They have worked really hard and I think it looked "Incredible". Now Mason swears he has more time to devote to actually doing his eagle project not just planning it. ( I couldn't get the video to load, sorry. I'll try again later)

Both the boys are marching in the Veteren's day Parade on November 7th. Anybody want to come this way?

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  1. He looks so incredibly handsome-how in the world is that Jordan?!? Tell him I thought it sounded wonderful. Aren't you hosting lost of guests for that half marathon that weekend of Mason's deal? Good luck!