Thursday, October 22, 2009

This week

I'm sorry for the lack of posts. We have been a little under the weather. Everyone had a fever and aches except for Jordan and Doug. It has been a loooong week. I think we are on the upswing, finally. Tonight was a football game. Kelsie & Colten went with us. I don't know why people complain about doing stairs. Kelsie could do them all night. She loves it!
I finally got a picture of Mason all dressed up.
Colten waited all game to dive into the end zone. He waited until the game was over and once my camera was ready I told him to go for it. Kelsie went for moral support.

Capital won easily and Colten & Kelsie fell asleep on the drive home. It doesn't get better then that. The last marching band competition is this Saturday. Good luck Mason!


  1. Hey! That's where the finish line was last week for my race! I'm glad you had fun and that your family is starting to feel better.

  2. Swine flu strikes again! Sorry you guys aren't well--clearly Jordan and Doug's lifestyle is more healthful, time to start following their lead.

  3. Your pix make me wish we lived in a bigger school. We went to the Homecoming game 2 weeks ago and just got depressed, we lost 41-14- yuk! It's so much more fun when you actually win.