Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Homecoming was last weekend. It was also Mason's first date. This is the picture that I made him take as he was walking out the door. See the enthusiasm? But I didn't care what we made him do, he was taking the truck. The nicely washed, vacuumed and shined truck. He said the van wasn't cool enough. I understand but I would love to have it cleaned too!

He went with a girl named Briana. They started the day at 12:30 and had a photo scavenger hunt. He said it was super fun. Here are some random pictures from that. The guy on the end (brown jacket) had a date but couldn't go till that night. After playing around they dropped the girls off to prep and came home to get ready. He loved driving by himself and he said it was the best time. He went to pick her up and then the whole group met at a park downtown to have the parents take pictures. Here's some of them. As you can see he went with a big group.
After the photo shoot they went to Grange's for dinner and then to the dance. They stayed for about 20 minutes and then they came to our house to play "Werewolves of Miller's Hollow". He had a great time and his first date was a huge success!


  1. When I first heard of this full-day-date phenomenon it sounded kind of odd--but from these pictures it looks like they had a blast! I wish we did full day dates for our Homecoming etc. dances when I was in school :(

  2. This is Nate speaking in the guise of Gwendolyn... Mason, I'm so proud of you, except why did your date wear sweats in the formal picture? J kidding buddy- glad you are keeping the Wyne man tradition of exciting dates, keep it up!